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Marine Grade Fuel


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 Preventing fuel related problems, such as those caused by ethanol fuel, are more important than ever. Most boaters, however, don't know that using a gasoline specially formulated for marine engines can significantly reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs, extend marine engine life, and prevent ethanol gas related problems. 
Marine engines can use up to 10 times more fuel per hour than the engine in a car or truck because they operate at much higher RPMs and loads than automotive engines. The detergents and other additives in automotive-grade gasoline are typically not effective enough to keep a marine engine's fuel system clean of deposits. They also do not contain additives that help prevent premature wear. Come visit our Annex South located @ 499 Waverly Rd. in La Porte, IN. More information can be found HERE.

This is what the ETHANOL FUEL is doing to your gas lines!